Discover La Rioja the land with the name of wine


Come visit La Rioja and discover its great offer in wine tourism, gastronomy, culture, history and sports.

A unique experience that you can enjoy with your partner, friends or family. Anyway you will not be indifferent.

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The enoturistic destination of reference with the oldest Denomination of Spain. The land of a thousand wines awaits you with open arms.

Immerse yourself in our landscapes, gastronomy, culture and history ... and above all, let yourself be surprised with unique experiences.

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We are in the land where wine is lived and breathed like nowhere else. A few meters from the new Rioja Culture Center, the new reference of the city of Logroño as an international epicenter in winemaking. In a region where the offer to know the world of wine, its wineries or its vineyards is endless.

You can visit a vineyard to learn about the hard work that goes into wine production, practice sports surrounded by vines, see what’s it to tread grapes and perform other tasks. You’ll obviously be able to visit a winery, two, three… out of the 500 wineries in the region, over 80 offer tourist visits in La Rioja. You can admire the treasures of the wine museum and see how fun learning is with a tasting course. It’s up to you.

Camino de Santiago

This Jacobean route, of medieval origin and a World Heritage Site, is the most important pilgrimage itinerary in Europe.

In Logroño the French Jacobean Route and the Jacobean Way of the Ebro join together. This city is one of the stops on the route that goes to the tomb of Santiago el Mayor located in the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela 600 kilometers away.

The road enters Logroño by the Stone Bridge and accompanies the pilgrim through the oldest streets of the city, with its cellars carved in rock, witnesses of the city's wine tradition.

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Gastronomy is the perfect companion to Rioja wine. Logroño and La Rioja have a rich and varied cuisine. With Mediterranean influence, it has large cultivation areas that allow fresh products to be available daily. The offer is extensive: traditional, signature restaurants, grills, still lifes ... and, of course, tapas.

There are several streets full of these, which have been called: "Path of the Elephants." Taste the most varied products cooked in small portions, accompanied, of course, of good wine from the wineries of La Rioja. Do not leave Logroño without tasting a dish of vegetables from the land: stews, peppers, asparagus, artichokes, thistle or borage. Of course, the Patatas a la Riojana, an entire institution, chuletillas al sarmiento or sweet desserts, such as fardelejos, marzipan or truffles and chocolates of wine.

Arte y cultura

This border land of great natural wealth has made all the towns that have passed through the peninsula have sought a settlement in this region on the banks of the Ebro.

But the cultural life of La Rioja does not end in its wide history, but it is still alive in our days with projects at the forefront of art, architecture, performing arts, music ... and in our street parties and traditions that you will have the luck of discover when you visit us.

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